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Philosophy & Discipline

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Perfect Death's Philosophy and Discipline

To more quickly weed out unwanted players, here are things that will not be accepted: rapid fire controller use, sawed off use, glitches to gain unfair advantages, trash talking, drama. If you like to use or do these things, I advise you to find another clan that accepts it.

Looking for something new? You may have come to the right place... but then again, maybe not!

I wanted to start a clan with an emphasis on playing competitively but I now see that it would be cool if I could build a place where all of the people who feel similarly can connect with each other. First I want to say that this clan is different than most others. To be a member of Perfect Death requires an idea to be accepted as well as a set of rules. I don't expect to find many people to join and just finding a few will be a success in my opinion. As I was saying above, I don't want a team that trash talks their opponents and feels like they have to prove something to other people. What I do want is a team that respects their opponents and is only trying to prove something to themselves rather than others. I'm looking for players with similar ideas about competition. I believe this foundation can provide a place to nurture good team work and also provide a place for us to have a good time. If you have a desire to grow and adapt as a team as well as individually, to push yourself to your limits, have fun, and balance your gaming life with your everyday life, you have qualities I think are essential.

This philosophy will manifest itself into a gaming experience that is very different from the mainstream gaming experience. The gaming community is rampant with people who seek only to say that they're better than you are and to insult you in any way possible, fueling their insatiable egos to infinity. Perfect Death seeks to find a place where we can grow. A place where we can hone our skills and compete with players who feed our desire to push ourselves to our maximum potential.

This portion applies to those who wish to play competitively. The Perfect Death philosophy also intertwines itself with the discipline. Similar structures have probably been developed with other clans, although I am not sure because I haven't been in many. As with any team, the ability to work together and understand each other is key. At Perfect Death's beginning, I will assume the top command for strategies used during gameplay. Each player in a team is given a rank that decides the chain of command. In a team of five, each player is given a number from one to five. The lower a player's number, the higher command. For instance, a squad of 2, 3, and 5 attack our objective. 2 decides on the course of action that will ultimately be taken in a situation. 3 and 5 can still offer suggestions but 2 has the final say. I believe this will result in more fluid gameplay and a more efficient team. A player will receive a higher rank depending on their level of expertise in gauging suitable courses of actions in the situations that come their way. I just want to make it clear that this power structure is not based upon how well you can manipulate the controller. If I feel my abilities as a leader on the battlefield are lacking in comparison to another's, I will let them take my position. Or, if it is decided by majority that someone else is to be in top command then I will step down.

Try your best. Even if our opponents are weak, do not faulter. Don't taunt them or fool around with them. Act as if every opponent is a threat and do not seek to degrade them by bashing them in the face until their head explodes. As I said before, respect our opponents, and show this by always giving it all you got.

Team members must be willing to learn new tactics. As we run them many times, I hope that they can transition into second nature. I believe it would be extremely helpful to review our team mates to let our weaknesses be known as they are often hidden from us. Everyone has flaws and I believe this can be a big step in refining our technique. As the team first starts, things may be a little bumpy, but with practice I hope things will quickly smooth out. Please, if you have the time, think of strategies we can utilize in various scenarios. I'm hoping that we can build up a constantly evolving playbook. Though we won't be professionals (at least not yet!), I want to cultivate a professional attitude within our team, emphasizing efficiency and progression.

  • Practice your composure - especially when you are at a disadvantage. Keeping a level head will help you make better decisions and possibly overcome the odds.
  • Think things through, don't rush into your obstacles thoughtlessly.
  • Try to maintain a high level of focus.
  • If you die or make a move that hurts the team, don't view it as a failure. Recognize your mistake and learn from it.

I know that this may seem a little extreme with all these rules but I think if this structure is followed, an amazing team can be born. If you feel that Perfect Death suits you, head on into the Applications section of the forum. Thank you for your time!

Oh yeah, and my gamertag is Luucid.

I'm expecting this post to be fine tuned in the future, I'll let it be known when it happens.

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